Trading the FOREX Markets or Foreign Currency Exchange

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Trading the Forex Markets

Trade the FOREX Markets

Trading the FOREX Markets

Trading the FOREX Markets or Foreign Exchange is one of the largest markets in the world. It wasn’t many years ago the average person was not able to trade this market. It was reserved mainly for Banks and other types of large financial institutions. I think it was the internet and the easy use of today’s Personal Computers that leveled the playing field, allowing for the electronic trading platforms.
Over the past ten years the FOREX Market has exploded as brokers started requiring less and less funds to open accounts. In today’s Foreign Exchange Market; you can open a live trading account with some brokers for as little as 50 dollars, or a demo account for paper trading with no funds at all. However don’t let the ease of account setup fool you; it is not for the faint of heart, because like Commodity trading you can lose every dollar you have invested in the blink of an eye without good trading strategies and proper money management. So don’t use money you can’t afford to lose.

Commodities VS

Trading the FOREX Markets

I have traded both markets and the biggest difference I can see is the amount of money required to get started. If you don’t have an account you can’t trade, and unless you are trading options in the commodity market, it requires a larger investment than the . Another disadvantage to trading commodities is that it is very hard to find a paper trading system that will work in real time for intraday trading.

Trading the FOREX Markets

Black Box System

Just like the stock and commodity markets there are hundreds of systems and strategies out there that the seller claims will make you rich. Unless you get real lucky you will find that is not so. I have used a number of systems and what the case usually is; is that they will work okay under certain market conditions, but as the market changes though time the system does not. Resulting in a loss of revenue or possibly the whole account.
Trading Strategies for the Foreign Exchange Market-FOREX
There are as many trading strategies out there as there are systems, probably even more. Many are free, and some are very expensive, but for someone new starting out a good strategy can help point you in the right direction. Many times the key is good money management. Over time chances are you will develop your own system suited to your style of trading.


Trading the FOREX Markets can be very profitable, but you have to pay your dues sort of speak. It takes training and experience to successfully trade the Foreign Exchange Markets or FOREX. The training part is easy-there are many online resources both paid and free for learning how to trade. Over time as you gain experience, you will get better and better at Trading the FOREX Markets, and maybe someday you will decide to trade for a living.

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